Marketing Support Pack

We’ll help you promote the event!

Thank you for your interest in an event at one of our arenas; Avicii Arena, Friends Arena, Tele2 Arena, Hovet or Annexet.

In collaboration with your own marketing activities we can help promote the event in our channels.

What’s included?

Visibility on our main website as well as the specific arenasite Friends Arena, Tele2 ArenaAvicii Arena, Hovet Arena or Annexet.

Inclusion in our newsletter (our database has over 400.000 subscribers).

Organic post in our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram).

Visibility on digital displays inside the arenas.

Visibility on our large screens on Globentorget and next to the motorway Nynäsvägen.

What we need

To make this possible, you need to provide us with artwork in different sizes:

  • See our format specifications here.

Please send all artwork and press releases to:

Note! We need your creatives at latest three (3) days prior to when the event goes to press.


If you have any question regarding our Marketing Support Pack, please contact or your Sales representative at Stockholm Live.

Channels included in the support pack

In collaboration with your own marketing activities we are looking forward to find the best ways to getting the event sold out.

Please find enclosed details of all of the promotional activity we have available to promoters of events at Stockholm Live:

1. Website exposure
2. ECRM pages
3. Social Media
4. Arenamation
5. Digital Broadcast media
6. Add ons

1. Websites

Your event details will go up on our website websites as soon as your embargo has lifted and you have supplied us with approved copy and imagery. Initially an ‘on sale soon’ message is displayed on the homepage, with the event taking the hero position on the homepage on the general on sale date.*

Our main website displays all upcoming events.

Friends Arena´s website displays all upcoming events, taking place at Friends Arena.

Tele2 Arena´s website displays all upcoming events, taking place at Tele2 Arena.

Hovet Arena´s website displays all upcoming events, taking place at Hovet.

Annexet´s website displays all upcoming events, taking place at Annexet.


We will work with you to ensure your brand is represented in the best way possible. Please provide us artwork and images according to specification. If you need help, we are able to turn most artwork around in a matter of hours. We can handle most image formats.

Your event details will go up on our site as soon as your embargo has lifted and you have supplied us with approved copy and imagery.


Please also supply your press release, from which we will pick out the highlights to add to the event page.


The Stockholm Live ECRM strategy comprises 2 main campaigns.

Newsletter & Solus

You will receive inclusion in our monthly newsletter or in a solus email sent to targeted prospects depending on ticket sales and availability. Our database has over 401k subscribers.

The Welcome E-mail

A “see you soon” email is sent approximately 3-5 days prior to the event date. The text in the email is standardized and links to “More information” on our website, where we gather all imporantant information. Please contact us at least 14 days in advance of the first date of your event if you would like us to include bespoke messages.

3. Social Media

We have around 140 000 followers in our social media networks. When a new event gets official we publish an organic post in our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter based on target audience) and remind people of general on sale.

If you provide us with content (videos, artwork, competition tickets) we can help secure attention in our social media channels.

Do you have an idea? Let us know! We appreciate input and would love to work together with you to reach even more potential ticket buyers.


We publish new events as soon as they get official and remind people of general on sale. Inclusion, in accordance with our content strategy, to the day of the event. Both new and on sale reminders.


Users can get a more ‘behind the scenes’ look on our day to day business.

4. Arenamation

Our impressive arenamation screens are situated in the arenas Avicii ArenaFriends ArenaTele2 Arena and Hovet and are seen by every seat in the venue.

We will promote your event in rotation with other upcoming events on our media space. This is shown pre and post event (also during the interval if the performance includes one).

This content will remain ‘live’ until the date of the event or the event sells out.

Arenamation specification:

Avicii Arena
  • Indoor Perimeter Board, reaches around the entire arena room (20928 x 64 px)
  • LED Cube 16:9 (4 x 45 square meters)
  • Approx 115 foyer screens (1920×1080 px)
Friends Arena
  • Indoor Perimeter Board, reaches around the entire arena room (25488×40 px)
  • 4 Screen Jumbotron 16:9
  • Approx 865 foyer screens (1920×1080 px)
Tele2 Arena
  • 2 Outdoor Perimeter Boards, one facing south, one facing north (4200 x 64 px each)
  • 2 Indoor LED Screens 2:1 (640 x 320 px,100 square meters each)
  • 4 Indoor LED Screens 4:11 (624 x 152 px, 25 square meters each)
  • Approx 550 foyer screens (1920×1080 px)
  • 4 Side Jumbotron 16:9
  • Approx 25 foyer screens (1920×1080 px)

5. Arenamation Broadcast Media

Our broadcast network is the main form of event promotion within and around the venues. The screens are strategicly placed in lobbys and public spaces for everyone to see.

We have over 420 screens inside our arenas available to promoters to push events within the venues before, during and after events.

We also provide 2 LED screens outside the arenas. One facing Nynäsvägen with over 150 000 passing cars per day and the other one facing Globentorget with more than 5 million pedestrians passing every year.

The content displayed on the screens is produced by our creative team based on the artwork that you provide us with and will be promoted in rotation with other upcoming events.

For content specifications, please contact your sales contact.

Screen placements:

Avicii Arena
  • 57 Public screens (37 on A-level, 20 on B-level)
  • 37 Suite screens
  • 16 VIP screens
  • 16 Concessions screens
Friends Arena
  • 400 App Public screens
  • 140 App VIP screens
  • 107 Concession screens
Tele2 Arena
  • 200 Public screens
  • 21 Suite screens
  • 49 VIP screens
  • App 250 Concession screens
  • 19 Public screens
  • 10 Restaurant screens
  • 2 Public screens
Public areas
  • 1 LED screen facing Nynäsvägen. 1 LED screen facing Globentorget
  • 1000+ public screens in 5 venues

6. Add ons

When arranging a public event at Stockholm Live we can offer you the following marketing support add ons.

Digital projecting of our iconic building Avicii Arena

Avicii Arena is an iconic building and a landmark in Stockholm. On the façade there is a unique possibility to promote events taking place in Avicii Arena or Tele2 Arena on the day of the event and also days prior to the event by projecting a message/ logotype/artwork. The impact is huge and can be seen from a far distance of the arena. The colour for the façade can also be decided by the promoter on the day of the event.

Please supply footage or logotype. If you do not have any artwork, we are able to produce this for you. That will be charged additionally. It has to be event based, non-commercial messages allowed. The price is to be discussed, contact us for more information.

Please note that we cannot have competitor sponsor details included nor will we promote another ticket agent/booking line/website. Please ensure that you advise us first if you are sending footage as your event will need to be booked onto the Broadcast Network before it goes up. All promotional content to be used at Stockholm Live is subject to approval from the marketing team.

For more information about how we can support you, please contact your sales contact

We are always keen on promoting your events in the best way we can. If you have any suggestions or new/ different solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us for a creative session.